Clients Case Study

Case Study #1

Journey to become a leading healthcare retailer in Malaysia

Our client was a growing SME with a few dozen showrooms mainly located in Klang Valley, Malaysia when they appointed us as the consultant to solve the accounting backlog issues.

Upon reviewed, we convinced the owner that the Company was suffering the symptom of “growing pains” and accounting backlog was just a normal issue, the Increase of business volume without a capable finance and account team was the main reason that caused the finance, account and operation department in chaos.

Over the next few years, we hand hold with the business owner to build a solid finance and account departments by four times the head counts as compared with the junior account team during the date we were appointed. The team is being leaded by Senior Managers. We have also assisted the setting of HR, IT and operation departments such as warehouse, logistic, customer services to support over 100 showrooms throughout Malaysia and expansion into South East Asia market.

The Company is currently known as the leading healthcare retailers in Malaysia.

Case Study #2

Re-built account and finance team from zero and assisted to obtain multi-million of banking facilities to finance the construction of high tech factory

When we were asked to provide accounting outsourcing services, we were told that the account in charge would be leaving soon and the Company was not able to hire staff on time and hence needs our services.

We did an exist interview with the outgoing staff and talked to the management team and concluded that the high turnover of accounting staff was actually caused by outdated software and burdened by unclear finance operation workflow and weak management support.

We advised the business owner to consider take our CFO service and implement a holistic re-engineering program. The business owner believed in us as they finally found one that were willing to take over their problems!

We helped to identify and change of the accounting software, revamped its financial operation processes in order to meet the business operation requirements. We did the hiring and managed to found suitable candidates to rebuild the account and finance team from scratch. When the new team was in place, we started the implemented of changes in finance operation, created necessary forms, internal control and approval process, cash flow planning, procurement procedures etc.

We were also acting as CFO for the Company to deal with bankers and as a result, the company managed to obtain multi-million facilities to finance a high tech factory recently.