Consulting Services

While having a good accounting team to prepare financial statement in meeting submission requirement is mandatory and like it or not, you have to get professional services to get things done.

However, most business owners may not realize that to ensure your business runs smoothly, you need a dynamic and capable back-end finance and accounting team. A capable finance and account department is able to support your business processes and providing analyzed financial information to lead the company toward the set vision. This is especially crucial for SME during the growing stage to which Accountant play an important role to advise business owners on important financial decision. However, hiring a finance chief could be too costly or in reality, a right candidate of accountant / finance chief may not want to take up the opportunity in SME as they find it unattractive for their career advancement.

We know these facts and therefore our tailored CFO services, business consultancy as well financial review services are here to help you!
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CFO Services

Can I pay a small portion of fee to get a highly knowledgeable CFO to serve my Company? Yes, it is possible but of course not full time!. Our founder is formerly CFO / Finance Director from Multinational Company and it is the vision of helping SME to success inspires the CFO Service.

Business Consultancy

Similar to our CFO services except this service is focus for project engagement or short-term task oriented assignment with scopes beyond financial and accounting and served by a team! It covers advisory on business process improvement, HR and management structure, setting and drafting of company policy as well as advisory on business strategy.

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Financial Review

If you do not have an accountant to review your management accounts, to interpret the financial numbers and explained it to the non-financial managers, then you may want to engage our financial analysis and review services.

Our team come in once or few days per month focusing on the numbers and provide an analysis reports that could be an decision making tools.

Executive Search

Ready to hire your first accountant or Finance head? Good news but please be aware that not all Accountants or CFO are suitable for your Company. You need someone that can adapt to your Company’s culture and meet your requirements and looking forward to grow with your company in long term.

However, getting a wrong Bean Counter is a disastrous. Count on us to get the right candidate for you. We will find a right-fit, industrial specific and culture adaptable person for you!

Corporate Finance & Tax Incentives

Business expands and finds your company in cash flow dilemma? We can help you to prepare business proposal and talk to your banker and get some financing. Or you have a remarkable vision / mission to make it public in few years’ time? Good to hear and we are interested to be with you and plan for you to make it happen. Our partner have the experiences in help companies on IPO and work closely with merchant bankers and reporting auditors to make your dream come true!

Lastly, you may also want to get some Tax Incentives, Pioneer Status, Investment Tax Allowances and etc. We are always interested to explore with you if your company is qualified to ensure the Tax Incentives.

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